Monday, 24 October 2016

FroKnowsPhoto Big Giveaway - 2

Hi everybody!

Iiiiittss that time again :D surprisingly:

FroKnowsPhoto is having a giveaway once again, bigger, better and uncut? question mark?

You could win one of $4,156 in Prizes!

Like a Canon 5D mkIV, a Nikon D810, a Sony A7R II or your choice of $3,000 in lenses. Sounds nice huh?


What do you have to do for more chances? the more sharing the more chances. SO!

Share like mad people this is the last giveaway in this life! :D

Until when? Until January 31st 2017
Best of luck everybody and Share Share Share! :D

If you don't believe me, listen to the Fro in flesh..and uhm youtube? question mark?!

And the winner from last year..this year...last time :D

Lucky lucky photographer right there

#crushedit #jigundagiveaway #sundeep #froknowslegos

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