Friday, 25 March 2016

Commercial photography | Rising from the ashes - A new start

It is up and running, people! After much research (but never enough) and some other events, the moment when you have to go all in or go home on something has arrived. Commercial, catalog, editorial, eCommerce, automotive beauty shoots and motorsport action shoots and all the bunch will happen from now. Maybe till next year, hopefully for years to come... Anywho, this is what it is for now. So, for those 2 3 people who stopped here from time to time, the posts here will be .. transferred to the main site blog ( witch as all start ups say, will post every week, hopefully). The post will be about, shoots, news, events, behind the scenes and the occasionally monkeying around. I am trying to get out of the corporate system, schedule thing, so i will try not to fell into it myself being all business and serious in the posts..will see what and when the hunger will dig in and end up making me work at McDonalds or something, joking.. or am I!? 

Wrapping it up, like a late Christmas gift, things will be as followed:

Most of the pictures will be uploaded on Flickr
The best pictures will be uploaded on 500px too.
And the best of them and commisions and that are on the business subject and genre will be posted on the main web site
For behind the scenes and direct form the set things and moments and all the instagramy things, you guessed it, on Instagram
...and on LinkedIn and Behance i will be begging for jobs :D

Hopefully (lots of hope in this post, i feel like the pope) i didn't miss anything or forgot about where things will happen sooooo yeah.

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CheeRS and we will "see" each-other on the other side.
Keep them shooting!

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