Monday, 23 May 2016

Dacia Nova Project - 01

So it's like this: A new project emerged, kinda big, kinda small, long story short, I am going to model a specific car, inside-out, in 3 versions/configurations, the end product being to create 3 1/12 Dacia Nova car models for a car collector.

Sounds exciting, it's not a 250GTO or for a rich prince from the Emirates but, it's the first take of my first car model. Letting the already let aside Dacia SS project, this will take some time, months..years..idk; like everything in classic cars restorations it takes time and implication, especially when it will have an end result and a goal, something that I can't say about the Dacia SS project.

This is the first milestone..i think, working on it for a few weeks, being interrupted by all kind of other small projects and job searching..yeah. The main schedule being..engine and gearbox, for a preliminary 3d print test, followed by engine accessories, frame, car body, engine-body marriage, interior and trimming and the 3 models small variations.


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    1. Hi Chris! I'm glad somebody is following this and surprised at the same time, in a good way. Things will pick up and the posts will come as soon as I make a work scheduled plan for the months coming. Some things were hectic in my life but things are not forgotten. For more other post you can find me and what I do here also : subscribe and follow on the different pages and things will make sense.

      Until next time ;) CheeRS!